How do you go about going BACK to college (already with a degree) to get a new major?


I graduated from college with a bachelors in contemporary arts in 2003 or so. Now, I want to go back to a different college to get a new degree in Film or TV Production. Is this something that can easily be done, i.e. will they see that I already have a degree and I won’t have to take all the BS classes again?




You will have to start from the beginnign again. That means that you will probably have to go to a community college, finish your GE’s and then transfer to the uni of your choice.

Make sure the program at University where you want to get your second degree is accepting students that are looking for a second degree, some universities wont let you apply for the program if you already have a degree, usually because its a program that many students are interested in.

Jon S

You DO NOT have to start all over again. As long as the college you went to initially was a nationally accredited college. Go talk to the Dean of admissions or look online at the college website. You should only have to take the classes that you have not completed based on their curriculum for the degree you want.

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