How do you get accepted into a performing arts college?


What are some good performing art colleges? How do you get into one? What are some careers you could get when getting a degree? Thanks!



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Good art colleges- like obviously there is Juliard.. But you know you have to be pretty amazing to get into there, like insanely amazing. Another good art college I’ve always been interested in is Columbia college in Chicago. To get into art schools various art scholarships and lots of history in arts is really what helps you get in. They probably aren’t gonna let someone in if you just say you like art, they’ll have to have proof you’re really good in performing arts, weather it be band, chorus, speech, or art in general. You’ll want good recommendations too. I don’t know much about other really good art schools, I’ve always just been in interested in Columbia. I’ve heard that New York University has a lot in arts also. I’m not sure about the careers while getting a degree though, it depends if you mean like when you are in college and need a side job, or careers for after getting the degree.


Ya know im curios of the same thing :)
There’s the obvious (julliard) but ummm, that’s like THE BEST so, good luck with that. (i don’t mean that meanly) i think what you need to do is get out there and perform, compete, audition. If you’re good, then you’ll have alllllllll of that experience which is what they look for. But i kinda think its mainly about Passion. Ya know? You have to LOVE it, with everything in you. There are to flute player role models in my area.
One, is pretty much perfect. Ive never heard her mess up. She hold her flute perfectly straight, perfect posture, perfect playing.
But she bores me to tears.
The other, ive hear mess up. She doesn’t stand straight. But her playing is so l.
I want to be like her, not perfect but passionate.
And i think that could be what collages look for.
So good luck :)

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