How does my daughter find art colleges not focused on contemporary?


Most art colleges these days seem to emphasize contemporary art which is often associated with political anger and looks strange or even ugly. Where can she find colleges that would nurture her love for beauty in nature and emphasize mediums and techniques? This would be in Canada but any advice would be helpful regarding types of colleges.Thanks very kindly.



Ada Lyndora

I’m not sure about Canadian colleges, but it might be a good idea for her to email the Director of the Art Program of colleges she’s interested. She could ask what percentage of the Fine Arts are covered and what percentage are contemporary. I agree with you, I do not like contemporary art all that much. Beware though, that a lot of colleges will tell you anything because they want YOUR money! Do you have local Art Associations nearby? Talk to the instructors there. They might be able to help your daughter. Most Art Associations deal with Fine Art moreso than contemporary, because they deal with the public as a whole. Most people don’t want to learn Contemporary Art techniques when they are paying good money out of their pockets. Good luck!


Also consider what you are spending all that money on.
If you are trying to invest in a college for your child’s future, Contemporary art is now. There is VERY little call for a Master’s Degree in Medieval Art or the Old Masters…At $ 40,000 a year for 4 years, you want your daughter to earn a degree that will hopefully help her get a job…

Or maybe not. It if is just because you want her to be a more cultured and well rounded individual, send her to Europe, where she will be better educated in “pretty art.”

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